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Elis Connect

Elis Connect

Monitor our services in real time with our innovative product traceability solution.

Keep on working with complete peace of mind thanks to our Elis Connect solution, an innovative product traceability service based on leading-edge technologies including RFID chips, IoT and data analyses. Manage your business using dashboards and detailed reports by logging in to your MyElis account space. Discover our three offers to meet your requirements: Elis Connect Access, Elis Connect Focus and Elis Connect Vision.

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Why choose Elis Connect?

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    Elis Connect Access

    Would you like to be notified when one of our agents stops by? With Elis Connect Access, you can find out when our service agents stopped by, and obtain a paperless delivery note. Save time by receiving real-time notifications of service times, quantities delivered and exchanged on site. All these items can also be found in your MyElis customer account space.

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    Elis Connect Focus

    Would you like more information about the service performed by our agent? With Elis Connect Focus, receive itemised details of services provided and any observations made. You can view your dashboards at any time, and monitor the service provided after our agent stopped by, using the MyElis interface.

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    Elis Connect Vision

    Would you like to better understand what you’re consuming, to help manage your business? With Elis Connect Vision, you receive real-time notifications about your consumption and the status of your inventory. Any work done by our agents is optimized accordingly to fit your actual business needs. Read service reports in your MyElis account space.

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